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There are few things that come together like a Porsche GT product and a true petrolhead. Even those who don’t really like the Porsche brand, can’t dispute their capability and track-ready focus of GT products from Weissach. That is especially true for the 911 GT3, which is kind of a sweet spot in track-ready Porsche range, but one that can also work superbly good on the road as well. Meet the new benchmark – Porsche 911 992 GT3.

It is no surprise that new GT3 is one of the most highly anticipated sport cars this year. It is probably the last naturally aspirated 911, powered by 4.0 liter flat six engine which can rev up to 9.000 rpm and offers its driver up to 502 HP. This gem of a engine is mated to seven-speed dual-clutch PDK gearbox as standard, but six speed manual is thankfuly still an option. PDK equipped car needs just 3,4 seconds to get from standstill to 100 km/h, while the manual version takes about half a second longer, albeit having a higher top speed (320 km/h vs 317 km/h with PDK).

Besides its handling, the standout feature of the new GT3 is really the forementioned NA flat six engine which is virtually identical to that, found in the new 911 GT3 Cup race car. That translates to extremely sharp throttle response, mostly thanks to its six independent throttle bodies and a great noise. What is even more impressive is that it can go sub 7 minutes around the famous Nurburgring’s north loop. That is more than 17 seconds quicker than its predecessor, while having almost identical power. The time of 6:59.927 was set on optional street-legal track tires, which were found only on RS models in the last generation of 911.

Since there is no extra power and at 1.418 kg (manual) almost identical weight, the biggest step forward was done in aerodynamics. New 911 GT3 got adjustable front spoiler lip and front diffuser, specially developed side skirts, a very large rear diffuser and a very large adjustable rear wing. Porsche claims that even in the ‘normal’ position, the new Porsche 911 GT3’s aero kit produces up to 50 percent more downforce than the model it replaces. When switched to its ‘performance’ position, the downforce increases by up to around 150 percent, which is frankly an insane number.

Other details include drive mode switch for the first time in a GT3, customers can also choose between 18-way adjustable Sport Seats Plus and full carbon fiber bucket seats, which save an additional 11,8 kg. There is also a new gear selector which looks almost like a manual one,, and a GT3 specific Track Screen on the instrument cluster.

First customers will get their 992 GT3’s as early as the fall of this year as a 2022 model, the prices though are still unknown.

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