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Despite the negative effects of ‘Corona crysis’ and its influence on dropping car sales through the whole automotive market, some brands still managed to pull of some impressive feats. One of them was BMW’s sporty M division, which managed to pull off yet another record year.

Through the 2020, they managed to sell the grand total of 144.218 cars worldwide, which represents a healthy 6 percent increase in sales in comparison with last year. This increase was mostly due to new models like BMW X5 M, X6 M and highly popular, yet limited BMW M2 CS. The numbers are even more impresive as BMW M2 Competition, M3 and M4 models were no longer produced and sold for Europe, because of the new emission standards.

If we count out M Performance models, BMW M still increased its worldwide sales by 4 percent. This is the result of new sales records in higly important markets for BMW M – U.S. and China, but they also saw more than 60 percent increase in sales of BMW M cars in Russia and Korea, as well as 47 percent increase in Italy.

Thomas Felbermair, head of Sales and Marketing at BMW M GmbH stated: “We notice a steadily growing demand in all relevant markets for BMW M automobiles. Because of this and thanks to the engagement of our strong dealer network, we have been outstandingly successful in coping with the challenges posed by the pandemic.”

For the next year we still have quite some lineup to look forward to. First and foremost new BMW M3’s and M4’s are arriving to their first customers, then some time towards the end of the year, BMW will also unveil the highly enticipated BMW M3 Touring, with first deliveries in 2022.

Markus Flasch also announced, that in 2021, BMW M division will unveil their first electrified M vehicle, with the possibility of it being bespoke BMW X8 M plug-in hybrid. Next year 2022, will be even more important for BMW’s M division as it marks their 50th anniversary with many promissed special editions, which will probably also be unveiled towards the end of this year.

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