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The new, highly controversial BMW M4 Competition is finally in our carpark, for you to be able to enjoy it. Despite its polarising looks, it should be one of the M division’s finest creations, actually representing a return to BMW’s philosophy of ‘ultimate driving machine’. But does it?

For the start, the numbers are good. New 3.0 liter straight six S58 engine in this competition model offers a monumental 510 HP, so it certainly doesen’t lack any oomph in the performance department. With a top speed of 290 km/h and sub 4 seconds to 100 km/h in only rear wheel drive configuration, it is also very fast indeed, making a short work of a previous generation F82 BMW M4, end all its current competition.

”With a top speed of 290 km/h and sub 4 seconds to 100 km/h, the new BMW M4 Competition is fast with a capital F!”

Perhaps the most suprising fact, beside those controversial front kidneys, is the fact that BMW decided to still offer a six speed manual gearbox on the non Competition M4 model. Considering ours is a Competition model, it is auto-only. In the new generation of M4, BMW diched the double clutch DCT gearbox in favor of smoother 8 speed ZF Steptronic gearbox, which is almost as fast, but not that jerky in slow trafic and more smooth on the go. It might have lost some of that rawness from the previous generation, but it is still a great gearbox. 

“BMW ditched the old 7 speed dual clutch DCT gearbox in favor of the new 8 speed automatic, which is the only option in Competition models. Non-competition models can also be had with a six speed manual as well for those who really enjoy the art of driving.”

All cars come standard with Adaptive M suspension and M specific front suspension, with newly developed aluminium wishbones and lightweight wheelbearings with very high camber range. M models are also 38mm wider than standard up front, with a load of aditional bracing for extra torsional rigidity.

All that power and extra weight also needs some proper brakes. Our BMW M4 Competition is equipped with a full set of BMW’s carbon-ceramic brakes, with 400 mm discs up front and 380 mm discs on the rear. When you couple that strong 3.0 straight six engine, and those amazing brakes, with the all new carbon bucket seats, which are way more supportive that those last-gen seats, you really get a true road and track weapon.

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