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Like we expected, Porsche added its fan favorite, wingless model of their most highly regarded sports car to their 911 portfolio. Like before it is called Porsche 911 GT3 Touring and we think it is great. Many car makers would probably just make a rear wing delete option on the standard GT3’s spreadsheet, but Porsche thinks it is so special, it deserves its separate nameplate.

Available as a no-cost option, a GT3 Touring is a “subtler choice that retains every ounce of the excitement, the feel and the performance you expect”, said Porsche. Beyond its obvious rear wing delete, which was replaced by a smaller, retractable one, there is little else to differentiate a Touring from a standard GT3. There are some aluminium window outlines, Touring badges, and a color coded front spoiler instead of it being blacked out.

On the inside, the GT3 gets extended leather package as standard, while the upper side sections of the door trim panels get a special surface embossing. Anything else? Nope thats it. Beyond those subtle looks, the GT3 Touring is mechanically identical to a ‘normal’ GT3.

With subtle looks and supercar-like performance it really is a wolf in a sheeps cloathing

That means it is also getting a brilliant 4.0 liter naturally aspirated flat six engine with 510 horsepower, that for the first time can’t be just paired exclusively with a 6 speed manual like in a former Touring variant, but can also be had with a seven-speed PDK automatic. Couple that with a weight of only 1.418 kg for the manual or 1.435 kg for the PDK version, and you have got yourself a wolf in a sheeps clothing, which would destroy almost anything on the racetrack, while looking almost like a standard Carrera S to an untrained eye.

510 Horsepower and just 1.435 kg with PDK gearbox results in 0 to 100 km/h in just 3,4 seconds

According to Porsche it should do a 3,4 seconds to 100 km/h with a PDK, and a couple of tenths longer if you do it yourself. Top speed remains unchanged at 320 km/h (317 km/h fot he PDK) which probably says the most about standard GT3’s wing efficiency. It’s impressive but not world leading, show it some corners though, and it will be a totaly different story.

Orders are already open so hurry up and get yourself probably the last naturally aspirated GT3 Touring ever.

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