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It might be ‘just’ the entry level Porsche, but for sheer driving purists, it might still be one of the best. Boxster with its mid engined layout is just perfectly balanced and enjoyable roadster, even in its base spec. With the ‘T’ version being created ‘for the sake of driving’ (words of Porsches marketing department), it might just represent the sweet spot in the 718 range for those, who want something pure, but don’t have the budget to go for higher GTS or even Spyder specs.

In its heart sits base 2.0 litre four cylinder turbo boxer engine, which offers 300 hp and 380 Nm of torque. With the help of an outstanding seven speed PDK gearbox, it can slingshot the Boxster T from 0 to 100 kmh in just 4,7 seconds, and on to the top speed of 275 kmh. Not bad, but in 2020 also not that impressive, with the caracter of the engine also not being its strong side. Do I care? Not at all, because straight line speed and acceleration figures are not what the Boxster T is all about. 718 Boxster T is just quite simply one of the purest drivers cars you can curently buy.

As I said previously, even base spec 718 Boxster is a peach to drive, but the T model should go that one step further. At first Porsche made sure to loose some of its weight with only 2 way adjustable sports seats, cloth interior door puls and infotaiment system delete, which can be added back in as a no cost option. Then they added some of the most desirable options on Porsche 718 Boxster options list to make it handle even better, with lowered adjustable sports suspension and Sports Chrono package being just the tip of the iceberg. Some aditional bracing also found its way onto a car, to make its chasis even stiffer and therefore even more direct. Now enough about the theory. The real question is does it live up to the promises of Porsches marketing department? You bet it does, and then some!

Forget your hot Audis, Mercedes-Benz AMG’s or even BMWs M division. Porsche 718 Boxster T is just simply the best handling car I have ever driven. The suspension and chasis are just that good, driving position is spot on and the grip on offer borders on insane, especially for those 235mm section front, and 265mm section rear Pirellis. It is most certainly not a ‘power car’, Boxster T is a handling masterpiece. Find a quiet twisty road and just carry your momentum through the corners, not even stressing that controversial engine, and you’ll find a driving nirvana. A car, which was without the shadow of a doubt, created for the perfect car – driver symbiosis.

Sure you can buy the Alpine A110 or Lotus Exige for about the same price which will probably offer even more pure driving experience. But ask yourself this – do they also have two boots with combined boot space of 280 litres, a luxury spacious interior and also comfortable and quiet cruising abilities, perfect for a weekend getaway? The answer is no. Boxster can offer you both. Through the corners it is athletic enough to make any Audi RS and BMW M model look like they really need to go back to the gym, and also subtle and quiet enough to make even longer cruises superbly comfortable. Just perfect for your next trip to the alps or to the seaside isn’t it?

If I have to find one negative about this car, it is its engine. Not beacuse the lack of performance on offer, but because its lack of caracter and sound. If you are pushing it hard, it is fast enough for most people and also makes a pretty decent noise, but when you are just cruising around, it almost sounds like a diesel. Midrange punch is also not its strong side. It is at its best in the higher RPM range which is kind of odd, considering it is a turbo engine.

When you add it all up, it is still a great car. All the positives really outweigh this forgetable engine and still make Porsche 718 Boxster T worthy of your attention. If your budget allows, go for the updated GTS model with the new 4.0 litre naturally aspirated flat six, which trully transforms this car into probably the best roadster curently on sale.

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