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Porsche just unveiled the more practical and more off-road worthy version of its electric Taycan. Cross Turismo looks almost identical to its Mission E Cross Turismo Concept from 2018, and to our eyes it looks even better than the standard Taycan.

The biggest selling points of the new Cross Turismo are practicality and higher stance, more apealing to senior buyers. As of practicality, Cross Turismo offers 47mm more head room in the back, which is a huge improvement over the sedan, negating one of its biggest flaws. There is also a much bigger and usefull boot, which offers 446 liters of luggage space with seats up, and up to 1.212 liters with the back seats folded.

The Taycan Cross Turismo also rides 20mm higher than the sedan version, and can be lifted a further 10mm by switching into a special ‘Gravel mode’ if you spec your car with an optional off-road pack. Off-road pack also brings a bit of extra body trim to protect it from rock and sand, as well as some plastic fins down the side. You even get the compass inside the car for a bit more avanturistic touch.

The models lineup is almost identical to that of a regular Taycan, except for the RWD version which is absent, as the Cross Turismo is only available with all wheel drive and dual motors. You therefore get the standard ‘Taycan 4’, ‘Taycan 4S’, Tycan Turbo and insane Taycan Turbo S models. All variants are just a tenth slower to 100 km/h than its sedan counterparts, with Turbo S needing just 2,7 seconds to dispacth its brutal acceleration.

The more practical version will also cost quite a bit more than sedan, albeit having more standard equipment. That list of standard kit includes all wheel drive which you don’t get in entry level Taycan, bigger 93.4kWh Performance Batters Plus, adaptive air suspension and a panoramic roof. We advise you to choose your extras carefully as it can empty yout pockets quite easily.

Complementing the latest addition to the Taycan family, are also two new electric Porsche bikes. The Germans don’t quote any figures for the two e-bikes, which handily slot on the Cross Turismo’s bespoke cycle carrier, but we suspect the prices are very steep.

If you want to read a full indepth review of our own Porsche Taycan 4S sedan, feel free to click here.

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