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So this is it. We have been waiting for a production version of the insanely fast Jesko for quite some time now, and here it is. Koenigsegg just revealed that they started the pre assembly of the first customer chassis, which would be the first of just 125 Jeskos delivered worldwide. They plan to do around 40 to 50 cars a year at a price of no less than 2,5 milion € before options and before tax. The first cars will be delivered in the spring of 2022, and of course they are already sold out.

There will be a chouce of a ‘regular’ Jesko with a huge wing at the back, which is mainly responsible for a big chunk of that 800kg of downforce at 250 km/h, and a 1000kg of downforce at 275 km/h. That car is made for fast racetracks with the insane power and huge aero grip. Then there is an Absolut version which ditches that huge rear wing in favor of longer tail and various other aerodynamic modifications. The sole purpose of the Absolut car is to go fast, really fast.

This might be even the fastest car in the world, since SSC Tuatara failed to post a 500km/h top speed run in both directions, after the fiasco regarding their first top speed run. Koenigsegg stated that simulations show that Jesko Absolut should theoretically go way past the 500 km/h mark which is yet to be broken by any production car. The limit is tyres, location and sanity, says Koenigsegg.

Jesko surely doesent lag in the engine department though. Powering it is the 5.0 liter twin turbocharged in-house V8 engine, that revs to 8.500 rpm and can generate up to 1.600 HP on E85 biofuel. It drives only the rear wheels via nine speed transmission with seven wet multidisc clutches – that “represents a scale of evolution not seen since the development of modern dual-clutch technology at the turn of the century”. Koenigsegg claims the so-called “Light Speed Transmission” (LST) is set to be the world’s fastest-shifting gearbox. 

We are surely looking forward to Jesko setting a new land speed record for the production cars. That is if SSC doesen’t beat it to it with a better run or if Hennesey doesen’t beat both of them with their new Venom F5.

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